Positive Thinking for Success and Happiness

Swami ParamanandaSaturday, October 14, 2017
Mondays 1:00 –2:30 pm
Tuition : $25.00

We are the creators of our lives through the thoughts we think. Everyday we are molding our characters and creating our life situations throught the power of our minds. Positive Thinking is a powerful practice for achieving goals and living more happy and harmonious lives.  This practical courses gives step-by-step guidance and offers numerous tools for empowerment and for improving the quality of everyday life.  You’ll begin to examine the nature of your thoughts and learn to transform them, making way for a calmer mind and better relationships.  You will leave with practical applications to transform your thoughts into your most powerful ally.  What kind of life do you want to create?

Swami Paramananda

Swami Paramananda is the manager of the Sivananda Yoga Ranch, in upstate New York.  He has been dedicated to the practices of Yoga for over a decade.  At a young age, Swamiji dedicated his life to the study and teaching of hatha yoga, philosophy and thought power.

Through his inspiring, intense devotion to Yoga and dissemination of its teachings, and with his joyful sense of humor, Swamiji effortlessly weaves classical yoga teachings into today's life style.

Swamiji is the main Hatha Yoga teacher for several Teacher Training courses a year in New York, Nassau and India. He has also taught the main philosophy lectures and Bhagavad Gita classes.


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