Raja and Hatha Yoga: From Asana to Stillness

ArjunaSunday, September 17, 2017
1:00 –3:00 pm
Tuition : $25.00

Hatha and Raja Yoga are two of the four paths of Yoga.  All of the paths are interconnected, and in this workshop, we will explore the mind body connection, and how we can achieve a stillness, both inner and outer, through a mindful asana practice and focused control of the breath.

Hatha and Raja yoga share the goal of slowing down the mind in order to realize the self.  Hatha Yoga has 5 steps, Raja yoga 8, only 2 of them are the same asana and pranayama. This workshop will explore the connection between these two schools of yoga and how the practice of controlling the energy in hatha yoga leads to  the contol of the mind of raja yoga. Each hatha yoga asana can be practiced as the dharana (concentration) step of raja yoga.

This workshop is an excellent new step for Yoga 1 and 2 students, or anyone looking to take their asana practice to a deeper, meditative level.


Arjuna is a direct disciple of Swami Vishnudevananda and has been teaching family yoga programs in Sivananda centers and ashrams for many years. Arjuna’s approach is dynamic, personal, and inspiring, and includes many instructive stories from his time spent with his guru, Swami Vishnudevananda.

Besides teaching yoga asana classes and philosophy courses, Arjuna also enjoys helping people find pleasure in adopting a plant based diet throught teaching cooking workshops.  He has been a vegetarian cook for over 25 years, running the Silver Ball Cafe Vegetarian Restaurant in Ottawa, Canada.  In his warm and friendly hands on workshops, he will pass on all of his knowledge of simple vegetarian cooking, making it fun and easy.

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