Breath: Basis of Life

Siddhi, VishnuTuesday, October 24 – Thursday, November 2, 2017
Tuesdays, Thursdays 8:30 –10:00 am
Tuition : $75.00

Breath is a natural function that we do not have to think about to perform. Proper breathing relaxes, soothes the nervous system and helps to reduce stress. Breath is the tool or vehicle for prana, the life force, and through our breath we can affect our prana. Pranayama (in common speech translated as breathing exercises) is the most essential practice in hatha yoga. It means increasing, controlling and guiding prana with the help of breath.

In this workshop, we will explain in greater detail the mechanism of breathing and introduce and practice pranayama. Therapeutic pranayama, which is based on Auyrvedic principles, will also be addressed. Take your hatha yoga practice to a deeper level by understanding the proper use of the breath and experience the powerful effects that will transform your life.


Siddhi is RYT-500 Sivananda trained yoga teacher from Finland.  With her energetic and warm personality, she inspires and challenges her students to go deeper in their yoga practice, on and off the mat. Siddhi has been volunteering in The Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center organization in ashrams and centers around the world for the past two years.  She has assisted in Teacher Training courses in India and recently started to spread the teachings of traditional hatha yoga in Finland through organized yoga retreats.

Siddhi loves cross-country skiing, biking and vegetarian cooking. Her favorite sadhana (spiritual practice) is chanting kirtan and mantra.


Vishnu found yoga in 2015 and realized how profoundly it change his life. After his firsthand experience, he has set out to help others. Vishnu finished his RYT-200 teacher training in December 2016 and volunteered at the Sivananda Madurai ashram in India immediately after. Vishnu is a firm, compassionate teacher who's mission is to assist students in tranforming their lives through yoga.

Vishnu is passionate about pranayama, kombucha and healthy living. Enjoying all forms of outdoor sports, he is a former competitive swimmer but finds more joy in free-diving these days.

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