Experience the power of Kirtan to lift your spirits and give you energy!

Kirtan is the practice of call-and-response chanting of Sanskrit mantras. It is free and open to all, both as an integral part of our regular Satsang and as special Kirtan events. Chant books are provided, no musical expertise is necessary, and there is no charge to participate. Donations to support the work of the Center, a non-profit organization, are greatly appreciated.

"Kirtan is singing of God's name, with feeling. Such singing has a benign effect on both the physical and subtle bodies. It is an excellent method of soothing the nerves and directing the emotions to a positive goal. Kirtan melts the heart, fills the mind with purity and generates harmony and divine love." 
-Swami Sivananda

Kirtan courses are held at 1246 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue.