Getting Started

Experience the power of a true classical Yoga experience. If you are a total beginner or want to learn more about the roots of practicing Yoga, our beginners’ courses (Yoga 1, Yoga 2, Yoga 3) will help guide you with ease and a clear understanding of all the benefits Yoga has to offer. Beginners’ courses are the best way to get a good foundation and guidance for establishing a regular practice.

We want you to have the most comfortable and pleasant experience possible at the Center. Here are some recommendations to follow for our classes and courses:

  • Try to avoid eating anything heavy for at least two hours before a class.

  • Please let your instructor know, before the class, if you have any injuries, serious health conditions, recent surgeries, high blood pressure, pregnancy, etc.

  • If you prefer not to be assisted or corrected by the teacher, please notify the teacher before the class starts.

  • Please ensure that you silence your cell phone before you enter class.

  • Wear loose, modest, comfortable clothing that will allow for freedom of movement and breath.

  • You may wish to bring your own yoga mat or a large towel to cover the mats we provide.

  • You may wish to bring your own water bottle: a water dispenser is available in reception.


"Yoga brings perfection, peace and everlasting happiness. Yoga helps you in your business and daily life. Through Yoga you can have a calm mind and a peaceful sleep. Through Yoga you can have increased energy, vigor, vitality, longevity and a high standard of health"
Swami Sivananda